Remove MIUI for HTC Desire?


Apr 3, 2011
I have loved using the MIUI Rom it has made my phone look pretty sweet. However I am taking the phone back and getting a new one. So how do I remove all the MIUI stuff and get it back to its original form?
i believe you will have to nandroid restore from your origional backup you made when you first rooted your phone.
To be honest my friend did all of this I've been learning but other than some basics I am clueless

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I think you need to download the official RU update and flash it over. You'll lose everything. Not 2 sure if you're S-OFF tho. read up on XDA.
Restoring is easy, you use a RUU.exe

Find the correct RUU for your phone here:
If you have an SLCD phone get a Froyo RUU

Connect phone to PC via USB + Debugging, and run the RUU.exe. It will wipe everything and restore everything back to default including firmware, radio, HBoot, S-Off back to S-On etc.
There is no way they can tell you rooted you phone after a RUU restore.