[REQ] Calendar


May 1, 2011
Hi everyone,

I'm looking/hoping for a Calendar mod, basically one that mods the whole Calendar.apk, it should really be a separate application at that.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think the UI of the stock Calendar is ugly and archaic, it hasn't changed since Android 1.5. Many vendors including HTC and Samsung have taken a decent stab at upgrading the Calendar app they ship and though not every modification they might have made is fantastic they're all a lot better than AOSP's.

In it's current state I don't think Calendar.apk is even really worth of being included in MIUI considering the MIUI UI all over and the ugliness Calendar.apk represents.

So, does anyone happen to be working on a mod or a reworked version of Calendar (or know of one)?