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Discussion in 'MIUI Mods' started by gil.haz, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. gil.haz

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    Hello miui developers!
    It will be really nice if someone can make this twick: for when you go out of any app the luncher will go back to the main home screen..

    I got tired of pressing the home key again after every time i'm leaving an app..
    So, if someone can find the time to make this twick, it will be grate!!

    Gil. :)

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  2. am11

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  3. cowsquad

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    This is what I call laziness all the way

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  4. TheWierd

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    Not a question about lazy or not, it's about CUSTOMIZATION!
    If they didn't want to be able to custumize their phone, they would have brought an IPhone.
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  5. cain warsong

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    i want this too!

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