Req-music icon on lock screen


Nov 10, 2010
Just wondering if there was a way to have a music icon on the lock screen when ever the music app is tuning.
( instead of having phone lock messenger it can change to phone music messenger)
The only problem with that is, what if I just want to unlock the phone to the homescreen. I do agree that there should be a direct link to the music app, though.

I was thinking, if it's possible, maybe the equalizer could double as a shortcut. If you want to go to the music app, you could press the equalizer. This way, you don't lose any functionality.

I'm just not sure if the equalizer could be made to accept input. That would be completely in the MIUI devs' control, though. I think changes would need to be made to the actual source code, not just a matter of editing some file.
Have you guys tried to double tap the middle of the lockscreen it brings the music controls up and mortplayer when I unlock is behind it! I freaked out when I found this lol

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That works well for pause/play and skip/back, but if I want to change albums or playlists or anything like that, I still have to unlock the phone and open the music player manually. Adding the functionality to open Music from the lockscreen would just make things a bit easier.
Am I the only one who thinks that the Incredible has terrible sound output quality? It's not even close to my iPod, and even that isn't the best.