Request Bluetooth app radio


Mar 18, 2016
Hi to everybody.
Since i found, i have it in all my phones, since the Rn3 (Hennessy) 'till my RN5pro (whyred), and love it.
Always use them with Bluetooth speaker, Earphones our external speakers to ear rádio.
Since i have my RN5pro, i can't ear rádio anymore, only on whyred phones our internal speaker.
I tried out with a R3PRO, and Rn7 (the only With global rom), and the result it is the same.
But i still have my old RN3pro (kenzo) with the last rom (stable 10.1)and i can ear FM radio true a Bluetooth speaker.
Is there any to make it possible to work with my RN5pro?
Ps son still want to his Rn7.

Best Regards
João Jacinto