Give Us FM Radio App that Supports 76MHz and Up!


Jan 9, 2022
I posted similar content elsewhere, but perhaps this is a better venue.

I am a Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet) owner, and currently using the stable 12.5.9 ROM. I am wondering if you could modify the built-in FM Radio app so it can handle more frequencies.

I cannot know about MIUI 13 yet, but the pre-installed FM Radio app on the stock global ROM and ROM of version 12.5.9 only support frequencies 87.0MHz and up. However, that is not desirable for us residents in Japan, because we use 76.0MHz and up. I briefly tried the Pixel Extended ROM on my Redmi Note 10 Pro and the pre-installed FM Radio app there could be configured to accommodate it (see image below), so the hardware capabilities are clearly there.

Personally I value the FM radio function very much. I do not listen to radio in normal times, but when you are hit by a major natural disaster, radio can still be a vital means of collecting critical information.


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