Request features for MIUI?


Aug 6, 2012
Hello there, I don't know if this is the right place to post this. But I didn't found a better place, so here goes.

I have a very short time with Android, almost month and a half. I bought a Motorola Atrix, and I have already rooted and tried CM7 and 9, but finally I got stucked with MIUI. It's awesome. Should be the default interface for all Android.

Is annoying for me that MIUI doesn't have support for the fingerprint reader on my phone, I don't know where to claim for it to Xiaomi or those who develop MIUI. I use a rom developed by a guy called Th3Bill, but seems he doesn't know either how to do that.

Despite of that, I have some other suggestions for MIUI general use:
  • An option for changing current track playing from the screen lock by long-pressing volume keys, like CM7-CM9 does;
  • Or an option for doing the same with hand gestures, like TTPod does;
  • Setting the alarm clock tone in System settings rather in the clock app;
  • An option to say 'Snooze' or 'Dismiss' when phone is ringing because of a clock alarm placing the hand over it (using the proximity sensor), like 'Magic Alarm' does;
  • Auto-locking when the proximity sensor detects the phone is into a pocket;
  • An option for sorting alphabetically icons in launcher and folders;
  • An option for removing/hiding dock...
I know you guys have cool ideas for MIUI and maybe somebody already thougth about the ideas I'm writing. But I didn't find a 'brainstorm' section or something... Maybe this post can be that place?