[Request] MIUI ROM for Motorola Spice (xt330)


Oct 13, 2011
Hi everyone, please make a rom for this phone. It's android 2.1 and is not updatable so far.

we need at least Froyo. Thank you so much :)


Edit: Sorry, it's Motorola Spice xt300
Please, help us! This device's got lots of troubles to connect WiFi after screensaver appears, also it has got a GPU Adreno 200 and is not activated, could you please activate it? Thanks a lot :D

hi, i think this is a good idea, i have the opprtunity to use MIUI 2.3.5a1 in a defy mobile, and it's great ! so i would be really thankfull to have it in my spice. Thanks in advance to at least have a glance at our request.
Best regards
Hi people, we need a Rom for the motorola spice, because the rom that brings is very bad, when turn on the wifi the phone sets very slow for the bug That brings. Please make a rom miui for the motorola spice or update 2.2 Android system
urgent please users of this terminal and do not know what that is to please ..... need an upgrade to 2.3 would be very grateful