[Request] Volume key as camera shutter?


Feb 15, 2012
Hello there,
Is there any mod to make the volume key act as camera shutter button?

Thanks... :)
You do lose zoom that way, but that could be mitigated with a slider on the screen. I rarely use zooming on the camera so it's a good compromise.

Another is to disable locking while in camera mode, and allow for the power button to be the shutter. Best option is, of course, to offer both options (and on-screen shutter for those who prefer it).
Bump for v5 maybe ?

would love to maybe use the home button only while in the camera app to be used as a camera shutter button. Would be totally awesome!
What phone are you guys using?

Not sure if it should matter, but I'm currently using V5 and can do volume shutter, accessed by camera settings > capture settings > volume key functions.