May 10, 2012
Introduction: (Getting to know each other)
There comes a point in your life when you say, "I really need to change my smartphone"! That point came for me almost 3 months ago! Some days ago, i had just fulfilled my military service. So it was time to act!
That's when i started looking for a new smartphone actively... A flagship ofc! Needless to say that it would be an Android.
Although, during all those years i made lots of purchases, like the iPhone 4s and the Galaxy S3, i always returned to my personal best HTC Desire! What made it that special? It was it's MIUI ROM ofc!

Part 1: (The Xiaomi Mi2s)
Trusting for so long the MIUI ROM, could only lead in trusting also the brand itself. So Xiaomi Mi2s it is!
So let's get to know the phone...
Display 4.3 inches - 720 x 1280 pixels - 342 dpi - IPS LCD
Hardware Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 - Quad core 1700 MHz - Krait 300 - Adreno 320 - 2048 MB RAM - 16/32 GB Storage
Camera 8/13 megapixels - 2 megapixels front camera

Apart from the phone specs, there are also some features that really stand out...
As the say A Picture Equals a Thousand Words! So let the pictures speak for themselves...

Virus Scan



Find Device


And this is not all! One thing that i am pretty sure, you will not find anywhere else, is that every week there is a new update available for you! That means more and more new features keep coming!

Part 2: (Everyday use)
Well, i could be talking for hours for this phone. I am afraid that i could not be objective though! That is how much i love it!
So let me give you a short version of my findings so far...
  • Premium feel (unlike those plastic Samsung devices)
  • The screen is quite perfect and bright
  • The 8MP camera which i have is more than OK
  • Audio is loud and clear not to mention the great Music app
  • Extended settings menu, lets you customize just about anything
  • The GPS is really fast and responsive
  • Battery life is also nice, as a result of the Autostart feature, which lets you choose which apps run in the background! In simple words, lets you to clsose any app without re-opening!
  • Play Store can be installed in less than a minute

  • Could be its weight

That's all i suppose!

Part 3: (The big step)
So, you read my review and let's face it, you are EXCITED! That's the spirit. So next step is buying the phone!
I left that section last, deliberately. Why? Cause that is the best part! Where this phone really makes the difference. That is ofc the Price! Almost half of the competition...
To be more specific! 369.99 USD or 288.59 EUR! What, you do not believe me? Check *******.com

Needless to say more i believe as this is the official partner of Xiaomi! And from my experience among the top online stores. Be cautious though! You might get over-excited with all those accessories, and buy them all! Not a bad idea...
So my story goes like that. I ordered my device late on Monday and on Friday i had the parcel in my hands! Call me lucky

Ofc that may differ from country to country and also shipping method is something that you should choose wisely, in order to avoid any customs... The extra cost is around 20 EUR.
Still thinking about it? What if i told you that you can pay via PayPal? That should clear any doubts, right?

Epilogue: (That's all folks)
If you are still reading, i must be really good in writing! If i were you, i would have ditched the theory long ago, and go for the real deal! It's never too late!
Goodbye i suppose is not a good way to end a review...
A promise for an all new one would suit, but in that case i couldn't know if you liked that one! So, be kind to leave a comment and if you need anything else, do not hesitate to ask me! I would gladly help you!
Well, till next time.....
Mar 1, 2013
Short but pretty much how I feel about my MI2 too (never bothered upgrading to MI2S).

It's perfect in pretty much every way other than the missing sd-card slot.

That's the only thing I truly miss on it.

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