Rom 2.6.15 Weatherwidget.



Can somebody tell me why the weather widget doesn't work? The widget is there, but it say's application not installed..!?

What app do i need to make it work?

Thnx in advance.

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It requires that "Weather Widget" that is used for the lockscreens. I'll try and find it.
It looks verry nice, hope you'll find it!
Thanx in advance!

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Any update regarding this as I just found the widget and it looks great but can't fully utilize it due to the weather. Thanks
why not to add in all roms? ;/
[maybe I'm late but please do that for today's release ;p ]
I tested the Weather.apk used by China. Locations are hardcoded for China. It allows the Widgets to work, but only if you live in China.
Here is a link for MIUI-weather europe V1.1, but the city database isn't that big. Also it cant locate your curent position. If anyone can make this work, then that would be awsome!

I testet this a weak ago. Pretty cool widget.

One huge flaw, though. No 5 day forecast widget. If I wanted to know what the current weather was like - I'd look out the window.