New ROM Bug or Phone problem?

Jun 16, 2013
HI to all,

I’m having Xiaomi M2A phone with MIUI Rom (latest weekly build) for 3 months now and I’m using it with power saving mode battery profile.
Three weeks ago, when my battery was at 19% I shut down the phone and put the charger.
When the charging started the battery gauge started at 49% ???

Then I noticed this strange behavior:
I’m starting the phone with full charge and I use battery widget to monitor the battery
4339mV 100%, after two days of usage the battery has become
3953mV 28% I’m closing the phone (power off) and when I reopen it
3928mV 65% ??? and the phone works for another two days.

Also at another time when my battery was at 1% I shut down the phone and remove the battery.
When i put it back on and started the phone the battery was at 24% ???

I even tried another battery with the same results.

I tried several monitor programs (battery monitor widget, Elixir2 and others) and I also noticed that the phone reports the current consumption reversed and what I mean with that,
when the phone is on charger it gives minus values (-670mA) and when it’s on battery it gives plus values (160mA)
All my other devices, phones & tablets, report the current consumption correct.

I don’t know if this is a ROM bug (but then again no one else noticed it?) or a phone problem.

I could use your help.
Jun 16, 2013
I think that I found the source of the problem, its battery removal.
When I remove the battery to change my sim card and reboot the phone the battery meter shows higher value than before.
After that the battery percentage is getting higher when I shut down and restart the phone after a few hours (reboot doesn't have the same result).
I deleted batterystats and I’m starting to test if this solves the problem.
If that’s the case it’s the first android phone that I had to do that, and believe me I had a lot.
But again it’s weird that no one else has notice this.
Jun 16, 2013
If it's only my phone I will send it to the exorcised (*******.com) but is it ?

That why I'm asking you to test yours Xiaomi M2A phones