[rom] Emui V 3.0 B261 Multi Langagues Wcdma


Nov 17, 2013
Hi people. I wish you present a nice MIUI V6 alternative.

This ROM comes from Huawei 3C and source is mobile uncle forum

Changelog from original Cn version:

  • 1. Default langague is set to English
  • 2. Added Huawei Swype keyboard.On originaly ported ROM no keyboard pressent.
  • 3. Added AOSP web browser
  • 4. Edited build.prop
  • 5. Some APPs moved to data partition.
  • 6. Deleted Sohu RSS reader.
  • 7. Rewriten updater-script, added commands to mount data partitions.
  • 8. Added USB model switch for faster USB operation modes.
  • 9. Added Video app is similary as Video from MIUI. Support online and offline videos.
  • 10. Fixed audio sounds and ringtones.
  • 11. Gaps included as separated .zip file

What can you expect?

  • 1. Huawei cam record video to .mp4
  • 2. ROM is odexed - faster as deodexed
  • 3. All langagues present. Cca 43
  • 4. Full Dual SIM support
  • 5. All works fine (tested on my home forum)
  • 6. Memory managment cca as MIUI V6
  • 7. For bigger ROM (odexed version is bigger as deodexed) some of apps not present like FM radio and weather widget
  • 8. Rooted by Super User
  • 9. Themes works
  • 10. STK works fine (better as bugy V6),aka SIM Toolkit
  • 11. This is a nice MIUI copy.
  • 12. Nice Antutu score good optimized
  • 13. Security and optimize centrum included
  • 14. You can set default storage
  • 15. Ulta save power managment scheme

1. Gaps after install need updated. After reboot works fine.2. MIUI system partition is too small for all EMUI apps. ROM is ultra light
2. You cant create Honor account. No supported , only in China
3. You can use only free themes ( but you can install themes from SD card )
Some of screenshots:






Sorry screenshots now only in Slovak langague. ROM is primary created for www.miuios.cz Czech & Slovak comunity.

Install procedure:

1. Download
twrp- 11.2 MB

TWRP copy to internal storage (800 MB ) not to SD card. Reboot to stock Recovery e3 or MI recovery (you can use Updater app from MIUi to reboot here )
For e3 recovery find downloaded .zip and install it.
When you have Mi Recovery and working MIUI V6 rename downloaded .zip to update.zip
Reboot to Mi recovery and install update.zip
When you have working TWRP you can skip this.
This TWRP je upravene z4pda.ru and change partiotions for KK ROMs, flash Kernel and uboot image. When you come form MIUI V5 you muss not install MIUI V6

2. Download ROM
EMUI3.0_HM1W.zip 396.9 MB

Store .zip to root directory of SD card.
3. Download Gaps
GAPPS_AOSP_4.4.2.zip 47.3 MB

Save to same place.
4. In TWRP go to Wipe and check all except Internal Storage and SD card. To do full Wipe
5. Install ROM now.
6. Confirm Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
7. Install Gaps
8. Reboot
9. Pleas install sound fix!!!
audio.zip 10.7 MB

Extract on your hard drive
Should look so

Copy contens all files and subdirectory to this folder on your SD card mnt/sdcard/Music/audio
10. Boot you phone now.

Jobs done. EMUI is awaiting you .
After boot you see Honor boot logo and setup wizard. You can choice langague, Wifi, google account, Sim card ..


Dec 20, 2013
In USB mode the Computer mounts only the internal memory, no Sdcard, bug very common in many ROM, missing the folder system\media\audio. If you deodex the ROM you can put other apps like radio etc.


Nov 17, 2013
I try deodex rom with 2 tools but hang on huawei cam. For audio sounds patch attached. Try home Usb modes


Feb 2, 2014
can i flash this if i have now (android 4.2.2 ) miui rom? i already try i it but i am stuck in mi logo… please help. i was use twrp 2.5 because when i install with mobile uncle tools twrp 2.8. phone not go recovery mode.. and sorry my bad english


Feb 2, 2014
Thanks. I have now installed miui v6. But i cant root my phone, and install twrp 2.8.4. I am try meny different "one click" root apps.. So how i can root my hongmi miui v6