[rom]red Kat - Miui V6 Custom Rom Redmi 1 Wcdma

Nov 17, 2013
Hi all people. My new custom ROM for REDMI 1W China Unicom WCDMA has been relased. This ROM is a updated ROM of my previous ROMs REDMI Experience and Unique . As base ROM is used for now latest multilangaue version of DEV ROM xiaomi.eu_multi_HM2013023_5.5.8_v6-4.4
After voting of my forum first MIUI version come out. AOSP version maybe later.
Pleas keep in mind this is a only technical preview, first Alpha version. Lite version does include all future features and performace and memory tweaks.
This ROM is inspired with ROMs from Mobile uncle forum and
CN DEVS binbinshe a Tianxin
Sorry for Screenshots, is not in Englisch. This is Slovak langague

RED KAT - MIUI V6 version Lite is comming :
Changelog for 5.6.25:

ROM changes state from Alpha to Beta For now no litte version . Final relase comming when Xiaomi relased Stable ROM.

1. Edited updater-script minor changes , created new folder Data/app to install custom apps) - for integrating Xpossed . - MIUI relink command for data/miui/app/noncustomized not works propertly for 3D party apps , set permissions for MTK Tweak (Etc/Init.D)
2. Edited build.prop ( full changed for RED Kat, OTA markes removed) Changed from DEV ROM to my custom ROM
3. New Kernel with Init.D support
4. Translated edited MIUI cam with ability store images to SD card (store images to phone storage - SD card amd phone storage inverted)
5. MMS mode updated
6. Integrated translated MTK Tweak
7. Added Xposed framework with modules
8. Dolby ATMOS sound mode (attached as .zip , flashable as addon)
9. Changed MI Home - launcher 4x5 - you can have 5 apps in bottom bar
10. Changed minimal brigtness inside framework . Better for reading book and battery usage. Lowered value from 20 to 6
11. Engineering mode can be loaded with external app
12. Added programs for reboot , fast reboot, Reboot to Recovery ...
15. Full working USB MSC mode - USB Mass storage
16. Added modules to Xpossed framework - MIUI immersed status bar, DoubleTapto Sleep, Swipe Back a Mi seconds
17. You can install themes outside market
18. Bugreport leaved in ROm. You can post bugs

1. How to use USB Mass Storage?
On desktop is new icon USB Mass Storage Device. Launch it . You see two switches. On and OFF. When you need USB Mass storage - MSC mode press ON switch (disable OFF). Enable ON - shows Mounted. For now is partition mounted. Now press Back button on your phone ,and from desktop launch secondary app USB Model Switch .
Inside USB model switch press on USB mode Settings and change to MSC mode (mass storage).
2. Why can run Engineer Mode?
This is easy. On desktop launch app MTK Engineering Mode
3. Why can i reboot phone without pressing Power buton?
Press on desktop on Reboot icons. After pressing new menu shows more options - recovery, power off ...
4. Fast boot?
Same way. You find new icon on desktop to reboot with Fast Reboot.
5. Using MTK Tweak
JThis is special apps writen to MTK 6589T. You can now beat Antutu score or underclocking your phone for extra low battery usage.
6. Xpossed modules explained
DoubleTapTosleep - you can make double tap on battery icon to sleep your phone. No more using Power button
ImmersedStatusbar for MIUI V6 - Changes status bar color for each launched app.
Swipe back - you can use this gestigure for scrolling on Settings memu. Gestigure from right to left is back comand.
iFont - this is more hard to explain. Using MIUI with this modules you can use themes outside market.
Mi Seconds - show second in time.

Changelog for 5.5.29:

1. Fixed AOSP camera. Ascpect ratio 4:3 - 8 MPx, Full screen - 6 Mpx. This cam. store images to external SD card.
2. New version VOLD file system writen exclusive for HM1
3. Removed OTA markers from buid.prop (xiaomi.eu) For flashing stock ROM - causes bootloop
4. Added ultra light addblock - patched system\etc\hosts
5. ROM is updated to latest build 5.5.29
6. Instant Root - no countdown for SU rights.
7. Fixed platform.xml - now should works write support for 3D party apps like ES File.
8. New version of AOSP Gallery
9. For now MIUI support controll Music player from lock screen - MIUI Music included

Changelog for 5.5.8:

1. Removed writing Stock recovery from updater script.
2. Xperia keyboard for KK
3. Added moded MIUI camera with ability to record video to MP4 with multilangague translations
4. Moded file system - using tweaked Vold. For now storage and SD card switched
5. Added patch to synchronize call and SMS to Mi Cloud
6. Added newest Walkman music player, removed MIUI Music
7. AOSP Galery from my THL 5000 - MIUI Galery due lagging removed
8. AOSP Camera from THL - partialy works
9. Added patch for bipass KK write bug for SD kart. Edited platform.xml
10. SMS MOD Strip unicode MIUIv6
11. Changed BT name from Android to Redmi
13. Updated BusyBox
14. Removed Google keyborad
15. FM Radio with RDS support from AOSP, deleted MIUI Radio
16. Deleted Bugreport and JJ Store , Jj knowledge
17. Deleted virtual drive
18. MIUI payed themes support
19. Latest Stable MIUI video player full translated
20. Partialy restored Baidu support for themes, music and videos
21. ROM is multilangague. Except Germany. For now Germany translation is in progress. You can select Germany, but ROM is not translated. Problem with compiling Settings.apk maybe.
22. Cleand from MIUI blootware
23. All custom Apps can be unistalled. Using data partitions.

Screenshots from ROM:


Walkman from Xperia phones:

Radio with RDS support from AOSP


Moded MIUI camera:

Full working played themes :


Latest version:

RED_KAT_HM2013023_5.6.25_v6-4.4.zip 389.3 MB

OLD version
RED_KAT_Lite_HM2013023_5.5.29_v6-4.4.zip 382.2 MB

REDKAT_v4.4.2_HM2013023_5.5.8.zip 379.4 MB


1. Redmi 1 WCDMA HM2013023
2. Free space on SD card.
3. Flashed stock MIUI ROM V6. For creating new partitions
4. Stock ROM

1. Download latest ROM.
2. Copy .zip file to root folder of SD card.
3. Reboot to Recovery. You can use Updater app. to reboot to TWRP recovery

4. Flash dowloaded file. Press Install (change location to External SD card). Look for downloaded file. Swipe right to confirm flashing. After procedure done Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
5. Reboot your phone. Job Done.

When you use older version of my custom ROM or stock V6 no full wipe req. Some time when you use Mi Recovery pleas wait after flasing 99% cca 30 minutes. Mi Recovery is too slow.
When you come from stock ROM downloaded from here and you have CN app or some problems like FC is better to make factory reset. On 99% works fine without factory reset.

ToDo in future relases:

1. Fixig stuppid memory managment. Maybe some of Init.D scripts - if possible
2. Fixing enginerring mode - if possible
3. New custom menu with multiple options - after finding working framework to translate menu from CN Devs
4. Integrating Xpossed frameworks + needed modules
5. Integrating other features from Unique or AOSP
6. Fixing build.prop and enabling Xperia Sound equalizer and displej drivers Reality + copy needed files
7. Partialy support for Baidu and payed thems - done under testing
8. FM Radio with RDS from AOSP. - done
9. Editing Settings.apk and enabling some Xperia features
10. Adding other langagues from Global with J bart - done
11. Adding Germany langague? - working on it. For now partialy support
12. Porting for TD version?
13. OLD USB mode with MSC support - for now partialy works, need more time to bring back full working storage choices.

1. Xiaomi and en.miui.com

2. Multi langagues support from Xiaomi.eu
3. Mobile Uncle forum
4. BSDgeek_Jake for AddblockMother of All AD-BLOCKING
5. BurgerZ for J Bart
6. My friend edyros2003 for fixing AOSP camera
7. Any testers and DEV from my Home forum
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Dec 10, 2013
Very nice, Sonic.
Thanks for your work!

Already installed, I'm enjoying.
The management and consumption of memory ram is better, there is!
Dec 20, 2013
Likes: Sonic1SVK
Jan 16, 2013
So far, so good. I deactivated the phone storage (which became the fake SD card) to force the camera to store photos into the actual SD card.
Dec 10, 2013
@Kyogiro How did you do that?

To me the camera continues to record the pictures in internal memory (ROM), even going to the settings, and choosing the option to Camera store in external memory (MicroSD)
Aug 5, 2011
@Kyogiro How did you do that?

To me the camera continues to record the pictures in internal memory (ROM), even going to the settings, and choosing the option to Camera store in external memory (MicroSD)
I confirm this issue and its the only reason I'm not using this rom.
No solution for this blody issue?


Apr 24, 2014
how to install it?
if i backup all my apps with the backup tool of Xiaomi, can i restore it? and for the data of apps? (accounts, saves of games, etc...)
is there French language?
Jan 16, 2013
1) Like mentioned in the op, the rom is signed, so you can install it through the updater app which will bring you into recovery or reboot into recovery and do it manually from here (both stock and custom recovery work). Just search a bit if you never did that, there's plenty information in this forum or on Google

2) If you want to keep you app data, use Titanium backup, if you have very large app data, configure Titanium backup to lift the size limit. Again, google it for more information

3) French is included.


Apr 24, 2014
it's kinda like 1AM , my review :

love the UI, love Walkman, nice job :)
but i'm verry slow, after reboot i have only 450 MB of Free memory. and Xperia Keyboard isn't installed :)
Jan 16, 2013
450 MB of what memory? If it is concerning storage, could you make a screenshot?

I don't know about the xperia keyboard which works for me but I hardly ever use it. I've replaced it with TouchPal because I need to type Chinese in a regular basis.
Jan 16, 2013
Don't worry too much about RAM usage and management. More there is, more the system will use it.

As long as it is usable, I wouldn't manage opening /closing apps manually unless it is something that requires to do so (GPS apps for example).


Apr 24, 2014
with the official MiUI V5 i had +570MB free after reboot, but this rom is nice 'cuz it's smoothlier than miui v5


Aug 5, 2011
does this rom has the miui camera or is a 3rd party camera?
also, is it to be installed with TWRP or