Screen becomes unresponsive after unlocking the phone+SMS unicode characters


Dec 8, 2010
Hi I noticed that especially with 1.1.28 the screen becomes unresponsive after unlocking the phone too often to just ignore that it happens. I have a couple of examples.

When I'm receiving a call and the phone is locked, I cannot answer as the screen wont receive any touch input. This has happened twice since Friday and on some occasions before 1.1.28. The second thing with the screen is that whenever I unlock the phone after its sleeping, wherever I touch the home preview comes up first and then everything goes back to normal. If I do it repeatedly there's no problem, usually this happens when the phone sleeps for some time.

The second part is that my carrier's limit for sms messages is 160 characters, but whenever I use Greek characters the Messaging Application cuts the first Message at 70 characters. I have been using Handcent sms that has a Greek SMS mode. I don't if it is possible to implement something like that in the native Messaging application.