New Screen lock engages immediately - no delay before sleep


May 28, 2012
How to reproduce:

1) Settings -> Security&Privacy -> Screen security
2) Power button instantly locks is OFF
3) Automatically lock is set to 10 minutes (or whatever) after sleep
4) sleep the device, unsleep
5) device is locked

I think the cause is that the option "Power button instantly locks" cannot be enabled - it is reset to OFF everytime you enter settings again, and it behaves like it was ON all the time.

MIUI 2.6.1 on HOX (present also in 2.5.18, 2.5.25)
Just a thought - this might be enforced by Email - Exchange ActiveSync Policy, but in my case it is a Lotus Notes Traveler server and I just checked that no policy is enforced - it's possible there's a bug in there somewhere.
Can someone replicate this?
Yes I can verify this on SGS2 i9100 With firmware 2.6.22
Also of note in this bug report I've found none of the options are read. Tested the automatically lock time, and power button instantly locks (that option off it still locks immediately)
Found this same bug in the HTC EVO 3D miui.2.8.3. Anyone know if there is a fix? Or if this the kind of thing that will be resolved with a ROM update? Thanks
Even with the new version of 2.12.21, this problem is seen. Irrespective of Exchange Active sync or Lotus traveler, this problem is reproduced when the device is set to sleep after 1 minute (To save the battery) and lock after 10 mins.

Just only for this bug, leaving MiUI and using Evo3D with Sense 4.1 ROMS along with the Bugs.