Screen touch not responding


Dec 4, 2022
Hi everybody. The story is as follows:

My friend with iPhone 11 or 12 or whatever tried to charge his phone with my Mi 9. :D I know, stupid! However, after connecting both phones with the cable, my Mi 9 restarting numerous times on its own and behaving like a crazy AI machine; the battery drained super fast.

After some time I managed to charge it and now the battery is working fine. The issue is that the touch screen is absolutely unresponsive. The buttons work on the phone work, but I cannot do anything with the phone. I managed to connect my USB mouse to it and back up all of my data. I also did a factory reset. It's still broken. I think that some hardware is fried inside the phone, but I am not sure. Does anybody had any other ideas what I could try?



Oct 6, 2016
Mi 9 doesn't have any kind of reverse charging, you definitely caused some hardware damage which may only be solvable with a new phone.

Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
Staff member
Oct 6, 2016
Congrats. That's why you don't play with hardware-specific features. I wouldn't be surprised if you fried a capacitor or something to that extent.
Might want to pay some repair service, but chances are you caused more damage than it'll be worth a repair.