SD card not recognized (Nexus One)


Apr 26, 2011
I just unlocked my Nexus One tonight (had previously just rooted it) and loaded MIUI. After quite some time I can't figure out how to make the ROM recognize my SD card. All of my apps were loaded onto my SD card and now the ROM isn't seeing any of them. I connect the phone to the computer and I can see all the files on my SD card, but not through the phone.

Any suggestions on changes I need to make?
I now see that the problem is that the apps are not recognized. I can see all my other files, but my apps aren't coming up.

Any suggestions?

1. Reboot wait 10mins OR

2. fix permissions in recovery OR

3. Delete apps restore using miui backup
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More info:

Which recovery are you using

Do you use Titanium BackUp

Are you using Dark Tremor or some other means to move apps

Do you have an sd ext3, 1gb, 0 swap