[SEMI-MOD] No Lock screen Wallpaper

Dec 21, 2010
I call this a semi-mod because this does not alter the structure of the rom in anyway. The difficulty of this mod should be considered 1 out of 10 with 10 being the hardest.

Download the provided wallpaper. The wallpaper itself is transparent, so there will be no image and will show up blank when selecting it. Once selected, it will make the lock screen display whatever is your main wallpaper, no matter what the position. This includes live wallpapers as well.

Unzip the file and use the wallpaper supplied.



Sep 19, 2011
Yeah, this is cool. I wouldn't consider it a "mod" though, not even a "semi-mod", considering it's just a blank .png file which can easily be created in photoshop.
MOD, semi-mod or no mod, it's a really cool find. I was always making separate lock screen wallpapers to match my home screen ones. It's great not to have to do that anymore.