sensation xe (HTC sensation 4G rom) call recording split headset/builtin


Dec 29, 2011
on the HTC sensation xe with the "miui sensation 4g us rom" (in Australia) version 1.12.23
when i try to record a normal voice call it works and does play back later, but if headset is pluged in and being used
when recording the headset mic works (recipient of call can hear you)
but when recording you can not hear the recipient through headset, rather there voice comes out of the standard hold to ear speaker

i'm just reporting an issue, that can be fixed,

love MIUI a lot :)

used it on my old HTC HD2 a lot, now on HTC Sensation XE


in about phone in settings>system tab, it lists my phone as a 1.7ghz dual core, but i think it should be a 1.5ghz dual core..
is it auto over clocking? is it a misread? is HTC telling me wrong standard specs?