Several questions about Redmi 4G

Dec 25, 2014
I just bought a new Redmi Note 4G and I have a few questions.

•How to get badge notifications like iOS (I'm an apple convert :p )
•How to create Album for photos in Gallery
•How to add Chinese and Emoji keyboard
•How to get Rosemary font by Samsung if possible
•Is there is a way to change the app size

Would really appreciate if you guys could answer these questions. :D
Jan 21, 2015
Maybe you have muiu v5. Update to v6 to get "iOS" notifications. Search at Google play or Xiaomi app to get a keyboard. In themes you can change font. You can get it for free or paying. On miui v6 you can resize screen to 3.5 4 or 4.5. I have my note 4g just 5 days :D
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Jan 6, 2015
Just for not starting a new thread, I'll post an question here:
Which system app is responsable with ringtones/notification asignement for calls and mail?
I made an clean install(wipe cache, data, system, dalvik) and instaleed 5.1.30 ROM but now if I try to change the notification sound for mail accounts or for contact groups calls, I get Mail FC or ringtone not changing.
I guess this behavior is caused by Lucky Patcher(I use this for Poweramp) or SDFix:KitKat writable micro SD.