Apr 11, 2012
Hello Everybody... !!!

I am using a Samsung Galaxy SII.
Build # : 2.5.18

i am definetly enjoying my SII even more thanks to MIUI ROMS... :)
and each Friday i keep awaitng for the update and then try n find some wifi spot, now jus use ma 3g connection to download it.. :)
Brilliant Job being done by the Miui team...

but i have a small problem.. actually small few problems..

1.I am a flight attendant wid a domestic airline and in a day i travel from two to three different cities.
and each time i land at a new city i have to manually search for my home network and then select it, which takes about atleast 2 to 3 tries and also a few reboots. ( i have tried the same sim card in a different fone viz. nokia E71 and it automatically updates the network, so m guessing there is nothing wrong with the sim card and my network provider which happens to be Vodafone.)
With certain updates this problem seems to go away but then it keeps coming back.

2.Since the last two updates of ICS the t9 or the auto text predictability feature has become super sucky. It jus predicts the names saved on my contact list and not other words like how it used to do earlier. i am using the default android keyboard and not the samsung keyboard.

3.All my contacts are synced wid Google/dashboard. And this time when i was updating my fone to build number 2.5.18, i happen to wipe data/factory reset when i was in recovery mode and then did wipe cache partition and then wipe dalvik cache. before doing all this i had taken a backup of the fone excluding the contacts and notes (since they are synced wid google and would show up once i sync the fone again) and had taken backup of apps n games with titanium back up. So after installing the new build i restored everything and also synced the fone. But now i have about 50% of my contacts with the name NO NAME these are duplicates. The complete contacts are also present. I also realised that even before i restored the data on the fone i had my songs and images intact.
So wht does really the wipe data/factory reset really do .. and is it different from factory reset which is in Settings>about fone>factory data reset.

As of now i just can think of these issues,
Thanks in advance for helping me out with this.

Yep confirmed, default android keyboard sucks now on last few latest miui v4 builds. First few the default android keyboard worked brilliant. It's a real pity because I prefer the default android keyboard over the samsung or even swift key.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon...
The release this week was rated 79% stable. Last week it was 83%. The previous 5 weeks it has been 97%. Its just a rough couple of weeks.