Should I get for Xiaomi 13 Ultra if I live in China?


Aug 31, 2023
I am an American living in Beijing. For the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the Chinese ROM seems to have some UI buttons that are clearly not optimized for English text. So I was thinking of switching ROMs.

I'm wondering if:
- is more refined for English UIs (and has an English font selection)?
- Worth it for me to try out when I already have the Chinese ROM?
- I can still use Chinese payment and banking apps with (WeChat, Alipay, etc. etc.)?
- The voice assistant works IN China (not google assistant) but IN English language... (maybe I'm dreaming here)
- Whether I can go back to Chinese ROM relatively safely?
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Sep 15, 2022
here are some noticeable immediate differences:

1) Do you like turning off Bluetooth from Top drop down navigation for only 24 hours only? (CHINA ROM problem #1)
2) Do you like your phone AOD display to go to sleep by itself after laying in a dark room for 10 minutes? (CHINA ROM problem #2)
3) Do you like seeing Chinese words and broken English's randomly? (CHINA ROM problem #3)
4) And Google Maps Hands free assistant will not work in all Chinese ROM. E.g "Ok google" This is the exact reason why everyone from China ROM switch to MIUI EU! is like a nail in the coffin for xiaomi itself. (CHINA ROM problem #4)

almost all users that come from Samsung would want to switch to MI EU!! because the above is enough to drive them crazy!

all your apps will work.