Sim Card Not Recognized In Slot 1

Jan 16, 2016
Hello everybody!

Today I have received my Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Prime (32 Gb) from *******.com.

I just inserted the my current SIM card into Slot 1 and started the phone. The card was not recognized and the phone said that it had no card inserted.

I just changed the card to slot 2 and started the phone again and the card was working without a problem (including Internet connection).

I tested with the original ROM (7.00.66 from China) and also with the latest Rom (6.1.14) with the same result. SIM Card is recognized in Slot 2 but not in Slot 1.

Do you have any idea what the solution could be? I have inserted the SIM card in my current phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) and it works without problems.

Honestly speaking, I am quite dissapointed from the quality of the Xiaomi phones... I hope I can solve the problem without having to return it.

Thanks for the help in advance!