SIP via mobile data

Aug 2, 2011

sorry, but this is a major flaw for me in MIUI
apparently, this is all that needs changed in the framework-res.apk:
<bool name="config_sip_wifi_only">false</bool> (to true, duh, lol)

Can someone create a simple .zip that can modify this?

For those of you who have SIP or have messed around with it, this is absolutely necessary. With this mod, I can circumvent using sipDroid and its nasty dialer. MIUI's built-in SIP support is awesome.

If someone could please make this or help me change it myself (in a way that would work on subsequent MIUI releases,) i would be so greatful.

I can already make and receive free calls with just GV, sipdroid, and PBXes.

with this mod i will be able to do it with just GV and PBXes - w00t! ^ _^