SIP via mobile data


May 19, 2011
Hi all, would somebody help me, how to get SIP working via mobile data. By default its only via wifi. thanks.

sorry, but this is a major flaw for me in MIUI
apparently, this is all that needs changed in the framework-res.apk:
<bool name="config_sip_wifi_only">false</bool> (to true, duh, lol)

Can someone create a simple .zip that can modify this?

For those of you who have SIP or have messed around with it, this is absolutely necessary. With this mod, I can circumvent using sipDroid and its nasty dialer. MIUI's built-in SIP support is awesome.

If someone could please make this or help me change it myself (in a way that would work on subsequent MIUI releases,) i would be so greatful.

I can already make and receive free calls with just GV, sipdroid, and PBXes.

with this mod i will be able to do it with just GV and PBXes - w00t! ^ _^