Smart Fan 2 not working after power outage


Sep 26, 2023
Hey all, I need your collective wisdom. A few months ago we purchased 2 Smart Standing Fan 2 units and set them up using the Mi Home android app. Everything was working properly but yesterday we had a power outage for 2 seconds (not a surge just a plain simple outage in thwe whole block). Since that we cannot control the smart fans using the phones/tablets. The strange thing is that sometimes (1 in maybe 50 tries) it works, but most of the time we just get a message, for example "Couldn't set oscillation".

Things I tried:

- delete and re-add the device in the app
- reset the wifi connection on the device
- unplug the device for a minute and then reset the wifi
- reset, delete and reinstall the app
- change the region setting
- use a different phone to install the app on

Nothing helps. 2 smart fans, and bit shows the symptoms. Any ideas?
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Hey, did you achieve any success in getting the fan to work properly again?
I have a similar problem and would be interested in the solution.
(my fan stops workig when taken out of the charging station)