Smashed Screen!!!


Apr 25, 2011
Gutted!! I somehow managed to stand on my Mi-One and now the screen is cracked. :(
I live in the UK so taking it to the local Xiaomi repair shop is kinda out of the question.
Any ideas?

Maybe buying a screen of ebay? Then fix it at a local store?
Only one problem they dont have it on ebay ;):(
Tried contacing the place you bought the phone? Maybe they know where to get parts for it.
Try or maybe they can help or contact xiaomi
Nice good luck with it just take it slow and steady and take a lot of pictures before you remove all the screws so you now where everything goes back :) changed a lot of iphone screens and its easy to loose track of all the small screws and get a proper screw driver set not the cheap s**t becuase you can mess up the screws :)
Screen supplier just refunded me as screen is "Out of Stock"
*Sigh... Guess this is the problem when you buy a phone from a different country!