SMS background

Nope, it's working fine on 1.10.28 here so this might be a bug in the theme you're trying to apply. Otherwise, reboot into recovery, wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache and give it another whirl.
still a no go after wiping cache/dalvik. flashed 5 different themes and still have same white background when going into the thread. i doubt there is a bug with all of them but i'll try downloading a few more to see what happens
tried some more themes and still have the default white background when drafting/replying to a message. flashed to back to 1.10.21 and still having the same problem. open to more suggestions
must be doing something wrong, when i try to put everything back to how it was after updating the files it prompts if i want to update file in the archive, i say yes, then get syntax error message. aside from that, i can't edit from .zip back to .mtz via rename or properties. suggestions?

Not sure what's happening at your end, I modify most of my themes that way with no probs, if you want, you can post your I'll make the changes for u. Post here or xda, Or if you're an xda member pm me n I'll try n walk through it with u

Let me know

P.s. just thought... Make sure you remove any extension (.zip/ .mtz) after making the changes to
still having issues going back from .zip to .mtz after editing file. here's what i'm doing, maybe you can spot the error.

rename file from [theme].mtz to [theme].zip
open in winzip (was using winrar but was getting syntax/archive corruption error)
rename to
open .zip
open res/drawable-hdpi
rename conversation_list_titled_bg.png to window_background_texture.png
close, updates file in [theme].zip
rename to

this is where i'm stuck, i can rename the file to [theme].mtz all day but it doesn't convert back from the .zip format. save as doesn't work b/c it just ends up as a folder with .mtz extension but won't read on the phone, and trying to edit in properties doesn't have any more success. is there anything you can see that i'm doing differently from you?

edit: used 7zip and saved file as .mtz, fixed the issue with the thread background color but caused a new one with the thread selection background going white. a minor kink but i'll work that one out. thanks for the help

edit: solved it, there was only one .png in the theme named conversation_list_titled_bg.png so i was only renaming that one. now i've copied that image to desktop, renamed it to window_background_texture.png, and added it to and i'm pretty sure that did the trick. its sad to go through this much trouble just for a background change but i love this rom
ur persistence paid off, glad u got it sorted.

Yeah MIUI can be a pain at times, but overall no other roms come close 4 me