New SMS & MMS error after update to


Aug 17, 2022
Hello, friends.
First of all, I want to apologize if this is not the correct place to look for answers...
After my phone updated itself to the new, I stopped receiving or sending MMS. When I send, I keep receiving the "Sending..." and then "Failed to send MMS" message. When receiving, I receive a message, with a download symbol, but if I try to transfer it, nothing happens... The weirdest thing is, after I tried to send over 100 MMS, one of them, reached it's destination, but never again...

One other thing is related to SMS sending and receiving... Sometimes, when I send a sms to a number I don't use quite often, the sms seems to hang for a couple of minutes - sometimes even showing the "failed to send message" just to send it a couple of minutes later - and there are some contacts that send me sms, receive the "Sent and received" notification, but I never receive no message at all...
This last bit, related to weird behavior with receiving messages, it seems like I managed to use a "walkthrough", a small solution, that it isn't a solution, I disabled the "chat features", but this didn't happen before this latest update... anyone can help me?