[SOLVED]SIM Card suddenly not detected

Mar 6, 2019
Hey guys I need some help,

I recently updated to 9.3.1 (Weekly) coming from 9.2.1 (Weekly). Everything worked just fine for a few days. Then I noticed that sometimes 4G Connectivity is lost but that might be network related. However today I dont have any network connection because my SIM Card is not longer being detected! I tried the following to fix it:

+ Switched SIM Slot
+ Reinstalled the Update
+ Rolled back to 9.2.1
+ Did a clean install of 9.3.1

So far nothing helped :(

I hope anyone out here has an Idea on how to fix this. I would love to have a phone with phone features again ;)
Mar 6, 2019
Do you tested the sim card in an other phone?
I did and it worked fine.

In the meantime, I somehow fixed it! Here is what I did:

1. Wiped everything again
2. Installed the global rom
3. Installed latest weekly (clean)
4. Magic

I guess there was some hickup that got fixed by some stuff in the global. But I dont know ;)