New (SOLVED) Voice search not working (stub in ROM)

Mar 29, 2014
OK, so I just installed Google Search and now Voice search also works. Still don't understand why the stub is there, but I an use voice recognition now....

Yesterday I upgraded my Redmi to JHBCNBA13.0. Upgrade went smooth, but I noticed that Google Voice Search does not work (I am unsure if it worked on the previous version, since I just received the phone a couple of days ago). In the Play store it shows as installed, but I cannot uninstall it nor open it.

When I look in the zip file contents, I see there is a voicesearchstub.apk in the system/apk folder, so this has been done on purpose. What's the deal with this? I mean, issuing a ROM that is known to mess up a functionality that may be critical is not such a good practice really. Is there any fix?
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