New Some Bugs Found On SGS II - Release 2.7.27


Jul 1, 2012
I have found some bugs on the release 2.7.27 on SGS II.

1. when you switch on the Torch on the status bar, the icon changes to 3g-2g switch one.

2. when you switch on the vibration mode (vibrate) on status bar, it usually gives a feedback vibration showing that the vibration is On which is not working on this release. Also if you switch off the vibration, the incoming calls vibration is off but if you touch on the call hang/receive it still vibrates.

3. Album Art on music player is not showing correctly.

4. Also i have found something (Its working for me) that can save the battery drain while using the music player. I have found that the default lock screen which shows a good interface with visualization and music functions is draining out battery. I have changed the lock screen with one that doesn't support that function and i am getting very good battery backup.

Try it out. let me know If it works for you .

Also Facebook sync is not working for a very long time, but i have found a solution from this website (SGS II works , Rest I don't know, try it yourself):

And Also found this :