Some bugs in ICS version i noticed


Feb 10, 2012

Here are some bugs i have on my Nexus S 2.3.3 ICS miui rom:

* Random reboots when i make or answer a phone call (not always)
* Reboot when i plug in the usb cable and usb is activated
* When phone is in Silent+Vibration mode, if i press "volume down", it removes the Vibration mode, and sets the phone to "silent", it's p****ng me off and it wasn't like this on the GB version!
* "updater has crashed" message as soon as the phone is tuned on, and at any time it crashes when i try to lunch it
* I use GO SMS, but i still get new sms notifications on the lockscreen from the "messenging" app even with the notifications option turned off in the sms settings, and the option "notification overrun" from GOsms is on, even when the messages have been read in gosms
* when i have a missed call from "unknowned number", when i click on it, it dials and calls "2"

p.s: i fully formatted everything before install

that's it!