Some Facebook contacts are missing in MIUI


Apr 15, 2011
I have my contacts on my Google-account and I merge those contacts with their Facebook accounts to get their profile photo in my phone book. But some Facebook contacts are missing for me? How and why?

I never had this problem problem before I switched to MIUI. I currently use MIUI with the latest version of Facebook available on Market.
this has been a problem for stock android, Cyanogenmod and all other versions roaming the market.
Facebook app is currently having serious issues with contacts, contact pictures, etc. this is not MIUI's fault.

if this is somehow not related to this facebook bug, try the following thing

1 go to account settings (in the settings app)
2 remove facebooks sync with your contacts (not from facebook app)
3 clear all data for facebook from the settings app and forceclose it (like you would uninstall it but then the button underneath it)
4 if possible uninstall facebook after clearing the stuff
5 clear the "contacts storage" in applications
6 reïnstall facebook if you uninstalled it
7 open the app and log in again
8 make sure that all contact data is synced from both the app and the contacts settings

hope this works