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Nov 27, 2022
I have a weird problem with my contacts. I have exactly 150 contacts save in my Google Contacts, but only 127 contacts are shown in the contacts in phone (see pics).

If I create a contact in my phone it gets properly synced to Google Contacs. If I delete this contact in Google Contacts it gets properly deleted in my phone as well. If I create a contact in Google Contacts it gets synced to the phone correctly.

But there still 23 contacts missing in my phone. Why? How can I have them all in my phone?

MIUI v13.0.4.0.SJQCNXM
Contacts and dialer v12.3.5.0

EDIT: So I kinda solved the issue. The problem was with contacts that had a description field and everything I had to do was just edit the description (I just had to delete the last free line) and after sync it all appeared in my phone contacts.


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