Some infos (nexus one , performance, battery etcetc)

Jan 11, 2013
Hi to all , great community!

I need some infos ...last week i'm passed to miui (from cm) on my nexus one and it is a great rom ... but i want to know what is the best kernel for miui 2.3.30 .. i've installed tiamat kernel but i dunno if there is a better kernel (battery time for first! ) ... infact the battery has no a long life :S (i use even a2sd+ if it can be helpfull)

another question : this version is ok or i must flash the miui based on ics or jb (211.9 port) ? (if so...are stables or not? and there is something that not works?)

if there are other things that i must write ... say to me :D

thanks a lot!!!