some questions about translation and modding


Dec 9, 2010

i replaced my Desire HD with a Galaxy Nexus.
The phone is really cool, ICS is good too, but ... i really LOVE MIUI

i found out an existing version, but it is only in english..

can someone explain me how to make it in french ?

for the Desire HD before the official version, with an other guy, we did the first working version by merging some CM7 files with the Nexus one translated apk and framework...

so i took the viciousMIUI for galaxy Nexus and merged the apps and framework from the translated Nexus S... but this does not seams to work :(

is there an easy way doing the translation, without modifiying each apk per hand ?

i also don't saw the 4way reboot mod (maybe i passed it...) so how can i put it in ? just replacing the policy.jar ???? or does i need to modify this file ?

i really hope to get some answers...

Thanks in advance.
I tried to translate the VICIUOUS MIUI for galaxy nexus, but i get bootloops... i don't know what i'm doing wrong, so i explain what i did, maybe someone could tell me what i did wrong

first of all i needed to update apktool and aapt, because i get a lot of errors in decompiling apk...
so i downloaded the last apktool available, and installed the last android SDK (v16) for 4.0.3

after that i downloaded a french ROM for the Nexus S (same MIUI version as the galaxy nexus MIUI version : 2.1.20)
i set apktool to use the two miui framworks
apktool if system/framework/framework-res.apk
apktool if system/framework/framework-miui-res.apk

Then i decompile all apk files (as the two frameworks)
in each directory, i deleted all files/directory excluding the res/XXX-fr directories (and there content) => this way i got the decompiled translation or images

i then unziped the rom for my device (that is english and chinese only)
i decompiled all apk file like i did for the french rom
i added the french files
i compiled new apks

then i unziped each apk and took the resources.arsc , classes.dex as the res/xxx-fr directories and put them into the original english apk (i update the apk, so i won't loose the signature)
I moddified the build.prop file to be set in french

and i reziped the rom and flashed it...

but i get bootloops :(

am i doing something wrong ???

i also wrote an automated bash script to do so, it does about 85% of the job, when its done i'll share it on github ;)