Some Questions

Jun 12, 2013

I'm a new owner of a beautiful xiaomi mi2s and i'm starting to understand how it works.
I'd like to have some answers to questions i made myself, cause i'm willing to understand better my phone :D.

1) How do system 1 and 2 work? I mean i noticed that installing same rom on both, every change i make on one i see on the other. Shouldn't they be separated or something like that?

2) Just for curiosity, how could i remove system apps? I thought i had root permissions, but seems that i still can't.

3) I have a problem with contact syncro. I saved some contact in my xiaomi account. Then i imported some other from google account and joined both. But even thoug syncro is activated i can't see any change in xiaomi account ( i mean on, while if i modify or add a new account, i can see the change on the account. Why?


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Oct 31, 2011
1) They share the same /data partition. That means apps installed work on both. They have different /system, which is what seperates them.

2) You need to be rooted, then just rm -rf from /system/app
2a) Our ROMs are rooted. Must not be running a MIUIAndroid ROM

3) takes 5ish minutes. Make sure its hooked to the Xiaomi account. If you open the Contact and scroll to the bottom, it'll say whether it is.
Jun 12, 2013
1) What I noticed was that every change i madre on zone system( like just changing the position of an app) it appeared on the other. So that' s normal!

2) i'm running a miuiandroid with italian language pack. OK so I can remove them only from PC?

3) It is hooked cause if i add a new contact i see it on , while if I join 2 contact I can't.

Thank you for replying me !

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