Some updates and stuff we never get time to speak about :)


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

I was just talking with TheBigNoob and realised I hadn't really spent much time replying to comments, checking over the forum and generally giving people help as much as I used to like to.

There is a reason for this, behind the scenes i've been constantly looking for the best solution to help support the growth of our web site, to this end we've settled on some great servers provided by Hetzner Germany.

We've now got x2 corei7 servers sporting 24GB and 8GB RAM between them, hosted on 100mbit connections with the latest security updates installed daily.

In other news we've also took comments about security very seriously and as a result of that feedback we've ensured that our forums and web site assets are kept fully updated with the latest stable patches from our software vendors. This means you can be 100% sure your data will be safe! As an extra step i am announcing we will be sending the site over https:// permanently very soon to further strengthen our security for YOU our community!

We are on the look our for 1GB-E and 100mbit mirror providers who can setup a virtualhost and provider SFTP / SCP or FTP access to their servers. Reward, kudos from your community :)

We've got more planned