Sorry if this has been asked befor

Mar 17, 2014
First off hello all

I have just got my new Xiaomi HongMi (Red Rice) WCDMA and only having an apple iPhone 4s befor this I am more then impressed.

Ok now to what I would like to know, My unit is Rooted and I would like to know the steps to a total clean ROM.
I like to try out a few apps and after I get things the way I would like I want to be able to do a Clean out and restore a fresh ROM, then reinstall the Apps I like and make a Backup, Keeping the Apps I have installed - Don't know if it can be done this way?
I have only ever done a Windows Backup with programs like Ghost.
So I will be needing a lot of help.
As stated "Sorry if this has been asked befor" Links to the posts would be fine.
I have been reading some of the posts here and I dont want to be trying the wrong things and end up Bricking the Phone.
I have a 32gb card inside the unit and would like to know if/how to have the phone use all of its internal memory as ROM?
If that is possible as in convert the RAM into ROM
I have the following info on the Phone.

Android Version - 4.2.2 hm2013023
MiUi version - MIUI-JHBCNAL5.0

Is there other info I need to post here?
Mar 17, 2014
Feb 3, 2014
Mar 17, 2014
Hmm it looks like my phone is no longer Rooted.
I followed the instructions from Xiaomi Hongmi TD + WCDMA CWM+ROOT Guide
and now the phone has blank areas when I try to use MobileUncle CWM and that type of program.
When I run VRoot It fails and asks if I want to try Manual Root option but that just goes to a Chinese web site.
VRoot is up to date.
I still have the Android Jelly Bean showing on the top notification bar.
I only have one Android charge cable, may look to get another one.
Trying VRoot again but now it just sits there looks to have locked up.
Aug 5, 2011
what is the version of your phone, what is the rom you have, and what happen?
You had root and it suddenly disappear?
Mar 17, 2014
Ok after a little more resetting both the computer and the phone VRoot now works, the Phone is now Rooted.
Ill leave this posting here and go to the Root Guide.
It looked that way. When I ran VRoot it failed and was asking me to Manually Root the phone.
Model # HM 1W
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Jan 12, 2013
It's not a fake phone. When I look at this screenshot I see two diffrent SU apps.
Both have different SU binaries. If you mix those up neither one of them works.
You have to use one or the other
Mar 17, 2014
Mar 17, 2014
Well I tried the How to Make a Complete Backup of your ROM: and it worked so I now have a Backup, not on the Phone but on my PC. I am ok with that.
I would like someone to look over the file and confirm for me that all is ok, just to be on the safe side.
It looks like the file is to large to upload here. :(
Anyone know of a good site to upload for others to look at the file?