New Specific Apps will be blocked "Something went wrong" - Check Google Play

Edo Yehezkel

Feb 18, 2014
I couldnt find any solutions on Google regarding this issue, I'm having it for a while I cant remember exactly when it started, it's for specific apps that I guess are failing with that check? ChatGPT and Droidcam i.e...

App will launch but after 5 sec pop up will say :
"Something went wrong:
Check that Google Play is enabled on your device and that youre using an up-to-date version before opening the app. If the problem persists try reinstalling the app."

I wrote the full message so other guys while searching in google can find this topic ;D

Anyways some details:
MI11 Ultra
Was on latest weekly it happened there, moved to stable it happened there, tried a format and still happening.
Rooted Magisk 26.4 (Happens also without root..)
Playintegrity fix module 13.4 (Happens also without it..^)

Have no clue at all what causing it, if it's something in the firmware/phone or dunno.. any solutions to try can be cool..
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