Spotify + Bluetooth Issue

Feb 23, 2016
Hi all,

I have a problem with the bluetooth connection and spotify after the last two (daily) updates, but I was unable to find a solution, hopefully you can help me to get the solution!

When I start spotify to hear to music with my bluetooth hearphones, suddenly, after few minutes (in the first or the second song), the spotify stops and sometimes the phone returns an error (app stopped). I reinstalled spotify to check if that was related with the app itself, but i got the same result, even with other bluetooth headphones. Furthermore, when I use wired hearphones, it works fine.

The app had all the permisions (is able to get open by itself and it has no battery restrictions).

Thanks for the help :(
Sep 6, 2016
Similar issue here, I use Bluetooth connection in my car to listen to spotify playlists. After a while of seamless playback it stops (usually in the moment when it is supposed to change track to a new music) and I have to unlock the phone to get the playback on again and sometimes I've to press play or in the phone on spotify app or in the car radio interface.

My phone is the Redmine Note 3 Pro with the global stable ROM and the car system is the Renault MediaNav.
Jul 4, 2014
Have you locked the app in the recent app menu? You have to swipe downward and click on the key lock .

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