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Stable Is Uploaded

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3X' started by fmkhan100, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. mrland456

    mrland456 Members

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    Its a good rom
  2. CMbean

    CMbean Members

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    Is everything works fine on this eu rom? i'm currently downloading this version and then i will instal for test, thanks miui for this rom i'm realy appriciate you hard work.
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  3. Jaime DLH

    Jaime DLH Members

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    Been using it since the last two weeks. Really solid ROM, no complaints.
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  4. Max-Mi

    Max-Mi Members

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    Hi, I installed the 8.1.4 on my wife's phone just yesterday.
    I did wipe data, cache, dalvik, system and internal storage before installing. ROM works really fine, seems much better than the 8.0.10.
    Just one remark: first setting in Italian could not detect the mi account, I did first setting in English and afterward switched to Italian.
    Good job, thank you.

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  5. wojciech.wilczo

    wojciech.wilczo Members

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    Everything looks ok but there is one major bug.

    Google Backup Account is not working :(

    anyone know how to fix it ?

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