Strange new partition 10gb dump bin

Sep 16, 2014
hello to all, I noticed that after the installation of the miui 10, every time the phone is restarted from recovery, an orange screen appears with written T_T crash and performs various dumps. Also restarting the phone, when I connect via usb, a 10GB partition appears with the various dump bins inside. Why? what the solution for this error.
Mar 21, 2018
I have multiple hard drives, 4 of them. 2xSSD's and 2x Mechanical. My boot drive is 120Gb and is filling up without me adding anything to it. All my programs are installed on my second SSD, my download folder is on a mechanical drive. I have all my directories for downloads on a different drive than my boot. Even though I have tried Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher to get nothing to install on it, I have gone from 8.5Gb this morning to 0Mb by 10:30 tonight. I haven't even downloaded anything today. I have already taken space saving measures, such as compressing everything and setting the System protection thing to 5%, there are no programs or files I can remove from the drive, what do I do?
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