Struggling to get TWRP to boot


Jul 10, 2022
I have bought a Redmi Note 7 6GB version which was unlocked before I got it. It currently has global 10.3.6. Xiaomi says the phone is a chinese version so I assume it was unlocked to add the global ROM.

I want to flash Twrp and change the ROM.

The Twerp version I have is twrp-3.6.2_9-0-onclite.img

The ROM I want to flash is

I have the drivers installed, and using the cmd prompt on my PC the recovery appears to flash and write. But when I go to reboot the cmd message I get is 'booting into recovery' but instead it boots into the current ROM. I never get a chance to password Twrp because it never opens.

Do I have the wrong Twrp do you think?

EDIT: Yes, it was the wrong TWRP. Sorted now.
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