[Suggest] Solution for Inefficient translation process


May 7, 2021
Hello, I'm a translator of Xiaomi.EU multi-language project.

Recently, I'm suffering from an inefficient translation process of Xiaomi.EU.
That's why I suggest how to make the translation process better and improve quality easier.

1. Universalize and Modularize Strings

Official MIUI shares most components(like system apps) across devices and that means 'strings' are also universalized.
But, strings XML by the EU team is not universalized as Xiaomi did, each device has its own strings. Like, the Security app of MIUI 12 has 45 same string files. Even they don't have any differences among them. It confusing for translators.

So, I recommend Universalize of Strings. And some device-related strings have to be modularized to make maintenance easier.

2. Using crowd-sourcing platforms like Crowdin

- Less chance of XML related issues (like parser error, double strings, apostrophe syntax error, untranslatable string, array, or plural, wrong values folder, etc)
- Easy to find untranslated strings
- Easy for those who don't have knowledge of Git, XML


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Feb 11, 2012
Crowdin is paid service..

For find untranslated strings, you can use jBart translation parser feature..