Suggestion for future MIUI version?


Nov 28, 2010
I just recently started using MIUI and I'm really impressed. It's not just another skin and eyecandy job, but it's a real well thought off system. HTC should hire guys like you.

There are a lot of thing I really like about MIUI, but I have one gripe though...the folder thing. I know it's what those iOS fella's have too, but that doesn't mean we can't have it one bar better. Check out the functionality of Apps Organize. I've been using this under Sense and I really like it. It looks like the same folders you have in MIUI, but with one big difference: the content is dynamic. You don't fill up the folders by dragging something in (which is kinda cool, I have to admit), but you organize them through the program. You get to assign every program to more than one group AND you can also 'star' an app, and make it a favourite. The real gem is in the way how the 'folders' go on the desktop. They are all some sort of widgets and there's one for every category.
The way I use it, is that I always have my favourite folder on the home screen, so I have access to my favourite apps. But the same apps can go into various other folders like 'office' 'games' 'navigation', and what have you.

I know I can just install Apps Organizer and start using it, but I think that similar functionality, or integration of that program can seriously make MIUI stand out even more.