New System Launcher V5 problem SGS3 GT I9300

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Bolhoman, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Bolhoman


    May 8, 2013
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Hy all Miuis!

    First, sorry my bad english. Im from Brazil. I love this rom...!

    In Miui V5 (any version) exist problem in native launcher.

    All animation and home transitional effects have a lag. Example: set rotation in transitional effects launcher. The animation of "rotation" scrolling, have a transparency fade and rotate in same time.
    Any transparency effect animation, have a lag.

    In Miui V4 (3.1.25) This transition its fluid and smooth. In V5 no!

    I install alternative launcher in Miui V5 to solved this problem. I use Miui V5 and Mihome launcher.

    But, i have 2 launchers for a same design.

    I want use the original launcher with perfect and smooth animations and transitions. Existis any (mod)?

    My version its 3.6.14. I test older versions of V5, and all have a same problem.

    Other problem its a CRT-off. Not works on SGS3.

    I install but it create a new bug. In dialer do not possible digit (*555) for exemple. If you write *555, the diler run (*****555) and not complete this dial, but *****555 not exists...

    Tanks all Miuis!

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