New System Launcher V5 problem SGS3 GT I9300

May 8, 2013
Hy all Miuis!

First, sorry my bad english. Im from Brazil. I love this rom...!

In Miui V5 (any version) exist problem in native launcher.

All animation and home transitional effects have a lag. Example: set rotation in transitional effects launcher. The animation of "rotation" scrolling, have a transparency fade and rotate in same time.
Any transparency effect animation, have a lag.

In Miui V4 (3.1.25) This transition its fluid and smooth. In V5 no!

I install alternative launcher in Miui V5 to solved this problem. I use Miui V5 and Mihome launcher.

But, i have 2 launchers for a same design.

I want use the original launcher with perfect and smooth animations and transitions. Existis any (mod)?

My version its 3.6.14. I test older versions of V5, and all have a same problem.

Other problem its a CRT-off. Not works on SGS3.

I install but it create a new bug. In dialer do not possible digit (*555) for exemple. If you write *555, the diler run (*****555) and not complete this dial, but *****555 not exists...

Tanks all Miuis!