The best mipad games ever!!

Dec 12, 2014
I love trine! It's amazing gaming experience on mipad if you own a game-controller.

My top3:
1.) Shadowgun Deadzone (free)
2.) Trine 2: Complete Story (paid)
3.)Dungeon Defenders: Eternity (paid)

And the best part of these apps is that they all support gamepads.
Jul 20, 2016
Whenever I try to launch Republique on my Mi pad, it just simply crashes. Have tried using different versions of the apk, still getting nowhere. As for Trine 2, I have managed to get it running, but it plays at a much lower resolution. I have seen videos on Youtube where people have played Trine 2 on their Mi pad flawlessly at full native 2048x1536 resolution. Please help!