Theme manager won't change Toggle-icons in Statusbar (MIUI-1.10.21 (HTC Desire Z))


Oct 24, 2011
Hey guys,

I've been trying to change the Toggle-icons in the statusbar for the last two weeks, but I haven't succeeded yet.

For the last two weeks I've been trying to change the Toggle-icons with different downloadable themes.

One themes says that you can get these toggle-icons:

But what i get is this:

the other icons just work fine, but the ones in the Statusbar toggle-tab just won't change.

I've already done a full wipe, but that didn't change a thing...
I've installed MIUI Contol Panel, but that didn't change anything either...

Could anybody please help me, by solving this?

Kind Regards,

Have u tried to go to theme/ edit theme/ status bar ? U can apply any other status bar after the application of a whole theme.
hey guys, even after the most recent update of miui for the HTC DesireZ the theme manager still won't change the statusbar icons...
i'm getting really desperate right now... anyone who knows what to do?!